We are a group of Vienna guides committed to one simple yet demanding cause: to make this city an unforgettable experience for you!

Here's what we offer:

First time to Vienna
Coach, cycling and walking tours to get acquainted with the city.
Price: € 120,- per half-day

Vienna at Second Sight
Walks and rides focusing on different areas of interest, from architecture to history. Here are a few examples:

The House(s) of God I - St.Stephen´s in & out

The House(s) of God II - Gothic, Baroque, Modern Churches

"I hereby Declare My Will" - The Building(s) of Ringstrasse

By Appointment to His Majesty – Purveyors to the Court

Men on Horseback - Vienna's Equestrian Monuments

Fin de siècle - Vienna around 1900

Brown Setting for a Pearl - Vienna in the Third Reich

Literally a City - Literature Written in and on Vienna

For a complete list of our special tours, see the German version.

Price € 120,- per half-day, entrance fees etc. not included

Vienna waits for You
City-Packages to meet your individual needs. Whether it's finding the right restaurant or designing an exiting city incentive for your company, Wiener Welten will be pleased to help you.

Get out of Town!
Exploring and enjoying the countryside around Vienna. Wiener Welten offer a variety of countryside excursions, "standards" as well as"specials". Choose from:

Tales from the Vienna Woods - On Cistercian Colonists and
Crown Prince Rudolph's Mysterious Death

Go East! - Burgenland, Austria's most "Hungarian" Province

Mighty River - Treasures of the Wachau Danube Valley

A Veil and Three Altars - The Monastery of Klosterneuburg

Divine Spark and Great Fire - Beethoven and Others in the
Spa Town of Baden

IndustriaLandscape - or, "How Green Were these Valleys"

Price € 120,- per half-day, entrance fees etc. not included

Kristina Burger
Commercial education, studied in England then pursued a career in advertising and business media. Highly experienced at event marketing (www.kvb.at). Fully accredited Austrian tour guide.

My motto: Efficient organisation – proficient touring

Focus: History and Stories; discover some of the secret jewels of Vienna and the surrounding countryside.

Being a great fan of Vienna I love to guide people from all over the world through our beautiful streets, lanes and squares. I enjoy telling lots of interesting anecdotes about the old parts of the city and suburbs. Another feature you will regularly find on my tours, are excursions which highlight areas of the surrounding countryside in Vienna. You will explore sights not regularly seen on other tour experiences. I love to organise guided tours specifically designed to meet the individual interests of people.

Contact: burger@wienerwelten.at
Mobile: +43(0)664/4046519

Dr. Alexander Stollhof
Historian (Ph.D.) and licensed tourist guide – experienced in research and in adult education.

My motto: complex thinking – vivid telling

Focus: City tours focusing on architecture and history. This is presented with expert knowledge and interesting anecdotes you will remember.

To the Ottomans, Vienna was "The Golden Apple" which they tried to conquer. After the end of the Turkish wars, it became the capital of Baroque. Another 200 years later, the city was to become the home of Fin de Siècle (the fascinating cultural period around the year 1900).
From the remains of a Roman fortress, Vienna has emerged into one of Europe's most distinguished metropolises. It has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Consequently a walk in Vienna can become a fascinating journey into the past. Come along with me and you will see Vienna in a new light.

Contact: stollhof@wienerwelten.at
Mobile: +43(0)664/5570916

Wolfgang Jodlbauer
In my youth I studied literature. I have retained this passion for literature and arts all my life. This greatly enhances my professional skills as a tourist guide.

My motto: Being your key to the city

Focus: Literature and the City, Modern Architecture (from early modernism to the present day), Highlights of the Suburbs. And of course all the special things visitors usually expect to see in Vienna

A city and a good novel have a lot in common. What seems to be a contradiction at first sight may be the clue to a hidden meaning. What seems to be a detour may be the key to unforeseen aesthetic revelations.
As a 17th century chronicler once stated "both in Vienna and in her vast suburbs", there are many things to be discovered. As in any good piece of art, there is more to Vienna than meets the eye. Come and discover!

Contact: jodlbauer@wienerwelten.at
Mobile: +43(0)699/19239112